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The community of Pür Pak is as important as the product itself. There is enormous unspoken power in surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that share and support the quest for a healthier more meaningful existence, which is why our mission is to provide a culture and the resources necessary for everyone on the path to better health. Collectively we can share stories, provide insight, knowledge, and support to one another. Join the community, experience the power of Pür Pak, tell us Your Story.



Pür Pak is everything Emergen-c ever wanted to be.

Dr. Philip Goglia, Nutritionist, Cyclist, Co-Founder Team VRC U23 Cycling Team.

A supplement that promises faster recovery, and better overall health-as an athlete this resonates with me.

Jason Grode, Animation Producer & Manager. Triathlete.

 After trying Pür Pak for 4 days continuously, I’m a believer! I ran 22 miles over the weekend, and I would normally have some aches and pains this morning. NOTHING! Could it be coincidence, yes, but I believe it is the Pür Pak. This is an awesome product!

Ryan Nichols, Team Novo Nordisk.

  I travel my butt off with this new promotion – the past 10 weeks prior to IM AZ and with all the travel, late nights and early AMs trying to squeeze in travel, I am AMAZED that I made it to the starting line without getting sick during that time. Historically my body would have broken down and got sick but I have to give credit to Pür Pak to keeping me healthy and fit

Eric Tozer, Triathlete.

In 5 weeks, using Pür Pak (only on the days I trained), eating clean (Paleo mostly), and training consistently, I did the following:
– Decreased 1.5 mile time by 1:45 (this is a big deal for me),
– Increased strength (push ups/sit ups/dips) by 20%
– Dropped 5 pounds and 2% body fat,
– Lost about 3 inches (gained 1/2 inch on bicep – muscle).

Here’s the best part… I was nursing an injury with my adductor, it’s totally great now. And workouts were intense, but I noticed a big difference in soreness and recovery time with the Pür Pak. Good stuff! I’ll continue it!

Anese Cavanaugh, Working Mom & Management Consultant

Your product is amazing!!! I received my sample packets my husband and I tried them and I have to tell you they made a huge difference. I ran a 10k this Saturday after the race I got home and had half a packet and I recovered really fast, no aches and pains. Compared to last time I ran a 10K I was exhausted. I will definitely be investing in your product. My husband used the other pack during and after his workouts and today he noticed the difference in not having any. 

Shirley Moya

I take a woman’s multi-vitamin but I know it is not enough, the whole nutrition game was such a confusing thing.  I realize that I what I put into my body is the most important thing I can do to affect my performance.

Danielle McLaughlin, World Champion Para-Triathlete.

Pür Pak has given me a simple, holistic, and great tasting solution, I hate swallowing vitamins and half the time I forget to take them.  It is the perfect solution while being on-the-go for school, work and other daily activities..

Kristin Espinosa, Health Club General Manager


Here is a great breakfast shake I have been making: Pür Pak, designer whey, frozen mixed berries, a handful of oatmeal, 10 ounces of water, optional tablespoon or two of yogurt blended for 30 seconds. I am using the citrus Pür Pak. Tastes great!

John Williams

I ran the New York Knickerbocker 60K, my first ultra marathon, this past weekend. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pür Pak has enabled me to stay healthy and strong during what is arguably a hectic athletic season that began with the New York City Ironman in August, the Shades of Death half marathon on Oct 14, Marine Corp Marathon on Oct 28, NY Knickerbocker Nov 17 and the Delaware Marathon coming on Dec 8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Matt Klein

Swim 1 1/2 hours, sprints up Temescal and then run for 20 minutes through the Palisades all on Pür Pak! Now I have to order more!!

Dawn Forrester

I’m 52 and have been a athlete since I have been a about 10 years old – baseball, football, soccer and surfing were my sports. It seems like when we’re young we can get away without getting any sleep, not eating and not taking any supplements to do our activities, and we never miss a step, but when we’re in our adult years we go out for a simple run and we need “fuel.”
I have been taking Pür Pak for the last couple of months and… I feel like I’m 25 again. I’m recovering quicker feel stronger, can’t wait to see how I feel when racing. I wish I had Pür Pak when I went to Ecuador and climbed to 21,000 ft.
I’m a believer, Are You?
Try it for your self.

David Bernstein, CEO/Owner Bernstein Electric

I love to train but adjusting to eating as clean as I could has been the BIG key. In 11wks, I’ve now lost 14lbs & feel better than ever!! Eat healthy controlled portions & be careful how u drink Calories. Found this Pür Pak at a running expo & love it! 30Cal/pack provides: electrolytes, glucosamine/chondroitin, quercetin, amino acids & more to add to your water. Check Nourish your body right!

Nadia Ruiz, Athlete, Triathlete, Coach

90 minutes of tennis, 50 min spinning class and 50 min core conditioning. Survived in this heat thanks to Pür Pak!

Martina Savitt


Third day drinking Pür Pak today and I did the Soma Triathlon Half-IM earlier. I PR’ed by 16 minutes, including my first sub 3 hr bike split and first sub 7 hr Half!!!

Lenny Mayzel

It’s been almost a month of me drinking Pür Pak. I am starting to feel the energy. I actually started using it because I thought it was an easy way to feel like I was being proactive with my health. Now I actually have the energy to start exercising!

Michele Symmons

It’s about endurance, perseverance, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and having that long term view..

Stephen McPherson, co-Founder Pür Pak.

Thanks to Pür Pak I was able to survive the wind, heat, and HILLS of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon and PR today!!!! Pür Pak was with me every step of 26.2!

Blaik Ogle

A daily dose of the Pür Pak challenge and some hard work at the gym has gotten my bodyfat down 1.5% in just 3 weeks!

Carly Johann