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Fueling Mind, Body, and Life…..believe it.

April 16, 2013 by tom in Events, Food, Nutrition, Triathlon, Vitamins with 0 responses

Make no mistake about it, I don’t just represent and support the product, or the company, I wholeheartedly believe in it, and in the people who created it.  Pur Pak is the real deal.  A multi-vitamin that gives me 95% of what I need from supplements in a single package. Word through the grapevine is that there’s some new flavors/product coming out that will be increasing that percentage too.

Let me say that I a eat very healthy diet, lean proteins and vegetables, with a few treats here and there to keep me sane. But nonetheless, because of the loss of nutrients in today’s food, supplementation is necessary. Even with my healthy diet.  I’m the guy who had a cabinet full of vitamins and minerals. I literally took a handful of capsules and pills everyday, several times a day.  I carried them around in my workout bag, and would take them before and after workouts.  Now I have Pur Pak. I haven’t taken another vitamin or mineral pill in months. Pur Pak fuels my life.

I actually have to admit to using two packets a day.  I know it’s popular with many of my fellow ambassadors to have their Pur Pak in the morning to start off the day.  I’ve found that I prefer my Pur Pak as fuel and recovery. I’ve been taking a single packet and spreading it between two 24 oz water bottles and using that as my hydration during rides and runs.  The only thing not there is the sodium…but like I said…there’s word through the grapevine.  I also like to take a full packet with 24 oz water bottle post-workout.

However, today was a rest day.  Meaning I didn’t train at all.  But I still got my Pur Pak in.  Yup, i found myself in statistics class feeling a little bit sluggish, and what did I do? I turned to my trusty Pur Pak, and that big does of B12 had my mind firing on all pathways in no time.  I love this product.


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