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It’s So Easy

December 11, 2012 by Jim Lubinski in Food, Nutrition, Vitamins with 0 responses

Our bodies are under constant stress.  This stress comes from training, racing, working, living, etc.  We get worn down.  This leads to sickness, injury, burnout, fatigue, and plenty of other not so desirable conditions.  We MUST supplement our lifestyle with products that will boost our immune system and prevent wear.

I am busy throughout the day.  I train, coach, conduct speaking engagements, write, and travel a lot.  I have a basket full of 20 different supplements in my kitchen.  Taking these supplements on the road require another bag which means one more thing to carry through security at the airport and one more thing to remember to pack the night before leaving.  This was all an issue before I started taking Pur Pak daily.

I will admit, I was addicted to popping all of the different pills necessary to complete my “Cocktail of Anti-Wear”(Trademark?).  Upon taking Pur Pak one time I had kicked my addiction.  Why go through all of the hassle of remebering to take 20 different supplements when I can get them all in one drink?  Pur Pak has everything I need to stay fresh, recover quickly, and remain healthy in one easy to drink, delicious tasting beverage.

Not only is Pur Pak easy to take with a delicious taste, but it also works.  I have never felt more fresh and energized before, during, and after my workouts.  Although I am up early training and out late ROCKING, my energy has never been higher.  I attribute this nonstop energy to my new found nutritional weapon, Pur Pak.  RACE HARD!

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