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I’ve been Pur Pak-ed

April 10, 2013 by Katie Kyme in Nutrition, Triathlon, Uncategorized, Vitamins with 0 responses

Talk about a product that’s getting a lot of attention . . . for me it started small: I’d see a drink bottle at the end of the swimming pool lane, or a logo on a white cycling kit around Santa Monica, and now I’m witnessing for myself the difference that daily vitamins and mineral supplementing is doing for the health of these already vivacious people, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Pur Pak movement?? I’m newly onboard with the Ambassador program and excited by the prospect of more energy, more well-being, more life!

We have a song back home that goes, ‘We’re happy little vegemites as bright as bright could be . . . etc’. Maybe we could rebrand that one for the future? Or at least get our own.

There will be more from me in the coming months as I go about life, training, mentoring all powered by Pur Pak.



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